Accent Student Trombone (TB512L)
Accent Student Trombone
Model# TB512L

Tenor trombone, in lacquer, with durable nickel-silver tubing in the areas that receive the most wear. Includes premium...

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Jupiter Student Trombone (JTB730)
Jupiter Student Trombone
Model# JTB730

Lacquered Brass, Brass Outer Slide, chromed inner slides, .500” bore, 8” bell, ABS molded case (KC-42A).

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Yamaha "Advantage" Student Trombone (YSL-200AD)
Yamaha "Advantage" Student Trombone
Model# YSL-200AD

A nickel-silver outer slide promotes added durability. Along with a redesigned case, this is the perfect trombone for the...

List: $1,197.00

Price: $1,197.00

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5-Yr Warranty

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Jupiter Intermediate Trombone (636L-O)
Jupiter Intermediate Trombone
Model# 636L-O

An excellent "step-up" trombone with professional trombone features! In the key of Bb with...

List: $2,200.00

Price: $1,589.00

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Yamaha "Xeno" Professional Trombone (YSL-882GO)
Yamaha "Xeno" Professional Trombone
Model# YSL-882GO

Professional Xeno Tenor Trombone; .547” bore; 8 2⁄3" gold-brass bell; open-wrap F-attachment;...

List: $4,235.00

Price: $2,766.99

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